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LUX padel court  is a company fully dedicated to the Padel Court manufacture, installation and maintenance. Widely experienced on iron and glass hardware our company focused on the Padel Industry back on 2010. 


We run our own manufacturing studio in  guangzhou; no third parties are involved. Our human resources lead in each Court process: construction, installation and maintenance, from engineers to specialized installers within the Padel Industry. All our budgets can come together with a diagram & 3D rendering study.


LUX padel courts  spreads its activity both nationally and internationally. Padel Court manufacturing and installing is our core business mainly targeted to Sport Clubs, Accommodation & Leisure Venues, Public Institutions and Private Entrepreneurs… currently well over the 55% of our sales are already international.

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Full quality committed on our duties, we provide the best Court Range within the industry. 10 years worldwide background supporting us. We have installed well over 4500 Courts in the 5 continents.

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Phone: Whatsapp+8615913101899

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Add: Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province