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  • LUX50-SPT
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  • LUX50-SPT
  • LUX50-SPT


3D S memory type monofilament reinforced version  greatly increase the straightness and erect effect of grass seedlings. it is The sports performance is basically close to the natural grass. After professional testing, a number of sports indicators are similar to natural grass .

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1. Excellent water retention performance;
2. Imported refining auxiliaries, anti-UV and wear resistance of artificial turf reached the international leading level
3. The cross section of the grass has a double S shape, which has very good resilience and slip resistance.
4. Grass has no directionality: A variety of grasses have no directional lodging, which guarantees the speed of football and the angle of rebound of the ball.

Turf height 50 mm
Turf material3D S shape monofialment PE
Yarn Dtex14000 Dtex
Gauge5/8 inch
Stitches per meter165 stitches
BackingPP+Net +SBR Latex
 Weight2.5-2.56kg /m2
Roll size2*25 m, / 4*25 m (length made for the requst


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