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How to install artificial grass for football field

1.Positioning surveying and mark the line

2.Paving the artificial grass ( Remark : Make sure that the surface to be covered is

 clean  and smooth ready to Recover the artificial grass )

3.Trim grass to fit area :Trimming edge of grass prior to applying the glue


4.Joint tape in place


5.Apply glue to tape


6.Joint prepared


7.Offer grass edges together

8.Before installing the white lines , it should cut the boundaries

9.put the white lines inside the boundaries

10.Using the rubber granule bags to pressure the place which is brushed with glue

11.after one night , all the glue is dry. It begin to infill the silica sand first

   and then the rubber granule 

12.After infilling rubber granule and silica sand ,it begin to brush the artificial grass

   with electric grass brush machine

13.Remark :if it is a small soccer field size ,it can be used hand brush tool

14.Complete artificial grass soccer field

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