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LUX35-4 V
  • LUX35-4 V
  • LUX35-4 V
  • LUX35-4 V
  • LUX35-4 V
  • LUX35-4 V
  • LUX35-4 V

LUX35-4 V

A full grassy density (23100 turfs/sqm ) with a length of 35mm with an intense green colour. The sand filling makes it fire retardant. It Fitted with V-shape and MiNT. he technology is taken from the natural form of grass and ensures that the fibers have a matte, natual color and remain nicely upright. Your lawn feels soft and resilient under your bare feet!

The feel touch is a little hard and its fiber so robust ! It is designed for high traffic area use. you choose for our most popular choice of artificial lawn, because of its higher density and durability.

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Product Description

Recommended Uses:

1)commercial & residential landscape

2)high traffic space 

3)Garden, balconies 

4) showroom and exhibition places

Main Advantages

• 35 mm tall grass blades

• V shape and MiNT

Yarn Specs

Fiber type

100% polyethylene, V shape Straight monofilament 

with curly PP thatch yarn

Fiber Dtex11300 Dtex
Colorgreen +light green +Brown + light yellow

Turf Specs

Tufted pile height35 mm
Tufting gauge3/8 ″
Number of the points210/10 cm
Stitch per m²23100

The Finish 

BackingDouble PP
Total weight3.5kg / m²
Tufted roll width2 m & 4 m
Tufted roll length25 m or need

The infill 

TypeQuality infill
Weight5 kg sand / per square meter
ColorNatural, Black or Green

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