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LUX25-3 (u+u )
  • LUX25-3 (u+u )
  • LUX25-3 (u+u )
  • LUX25-3 (u+u )
  • LUX25-3 (u+u )

LUX25-3 (u+u )

LUX25-3 (u+u) has an even olive green color. It is known as a type of artificial grass that can be used for many purposes. It is often used in order to provide public areas with a green surface. Think of verges, central reservations, garden, city parks and of course playing fields and playgrounds at schools. Low maintenance will make the green city look organized and is the most suitable choice for a more intensive use.

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Product Description

Recommended Uses:

1) Verge, reservation, garden and city park 

2) School playground 

3) Fringe edge of golf putting green

Main Advantages

• U shape                

• Sustainable and economical

• Olive green color 

• Low price 

Yarn Specs

Fiber type

100% polyethylene, 100% polyethylene, U shape Straight 

monofilament with curly PP thatch yarn

Fiber Dtex10000 Dtex
ColorField  green + olive  green + light green

Turf Specs

Tufted pile height25 mm
Tufting gauge3/8 ″
Number of the points16/10 cm
Stitch per m²16800

The Finish 

BackingPP +Net + SBR Latex
Total weight2.6kg / m²
Tufted roll width2 m & 4 m
Tufted roll length25 m or need

The infill

TypeQuality infill
Weight5 kg sand / per square meter
ColorNatural, Black or Green

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